Android Remote Control HTML5

Control any of your applications from Android phone or any smartphone


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Option menu

Label Description
Select application Select your appliation to control
(must be set if there is no default application selected from Application Browser activity)


Icon Description Command
Shutdown controlled application Quit
Favorities selector
Start TV Application Start
Show tab with main control
Show video tab
Show audio tab
Show subtitles tab
Show dbd tab
Show user panel

Main control pad

Icon Description Command
Seek back SeekBackward
Play Play
Seek forward SeekForward
Previous Previous
Pause Pause
Stop Stop
Next Next
Volume down VolumeDown
Mute Mute
Volume up VolumeUp


Label Description Command
Full screen Switch between fullscreen/window FullScreen
Ratio Change video ratio VideoRatio
Save picture Save current video frame SavenScreen
Bigger Makes window bigger WindowBigger
Smaller Makes window smaller WindowSmaller
Video speed ↑ Increase video speed VideoSpeedUp
Reset Reset video speed VideoSpeedReset
Video speed ↓ Decrease video speed VideoSpeedDown


Label Description Command
Audio delay ↑ Increase audio delay againts video AudioDelayUp
Audio delay ↓ Decrease audio delay againts video AudioDelayDown
Track Change audio track AudioChangeTrack
Output Change audio output AudioChangeOutput


Label Description Command
Subtitles delay ↑ Increase subtitles delay SubtitlesDelayUp
Subtitles delay ↓ Decrease subtitles delay SubtitlesDelayDown
Subtitles ↑ Move subtitles up SubtitlesPositionUp
Change Change current subtitles SubtitlesPositionDown
Subtitles ↓ Move subtitles down SubtitlesPositionDown

DVD Menu

Icon/Label Description Command
Left DVDMenuLeft
Up DVDMenuUp
Right DVDMenuRight
Down DVDMenuDown
Enter DVDMenuEnter
Show DVD Menu Show DVD Menu ShowDVDMenu

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