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Can use it if i have more than 1 mob. phone

There is limit for 1 mob. phone in same time only if you are using Bluetooth.
If you are using WIFI connection, there is no problem.

Can use 3G instead of WIFI/BT

In generally, you can.
But it's not so simple. You have to:
  • Set protocol to TCP (MobPhone -> Preferences -> Network -> Protocol)
  • Own public IP address
  • Create port forwarding for port 8637 (or your defined) to your PC
  • Define server on manually

I can't connect via WIFI

Try functionality on volume control, it's the simplest control.
  • Check if server is running
  • Check if your mobile phone is connected to right WIFI network (and PC if your PC is connected to WIFI too)
  • Check if your IP address of server defined in mobile is correct
  • Check if server port (Server -> Properties Tab -> Port Listen) and client port (Preferences -> Network -> IP Port) are exactly same
  • Check if server is not blocked by firewall (or try temporarily turn off your firewall)
    Default port is 8637 for TCP and UDP.
  • Check if your router (or WIFI device) doesn't block communication between your phone and PC
  • Check if your mobile phone is not blocked by ImeiSecurity on server
    You will see it in server Log (Server -> Log tab)

I can't connect via Bluetooth

Try functionality on volume control, it's the simplest control.
  • Check if server is running
  • Check if bluetooth is enabled on server (Server -> Property tab -> Bluetooth)
  • Check if your PC Bluetooth dongle is supported
    You will see error in server Log (Server -> Log tab) about No bluetooth device found, if your BT device is not supported.
    You can try un-install any special software for your BT (like Bluetooth stack) and install just driver.
  • Check if your server is discoverable (only for first time lookup, you can enable it in your bluetooth settings),
    otherwise you have to define server in mob. preferences manually.
  • Try unpair/delete your mobile phone from PC and from your PC and
    try again firstly pair your devices.

I can't restart/shutdown my PC

  • Switch LOG to Debug mode (Server -> Log -> Mode) and try it again.
  • Try start server as Administrator (right click on RemoteControlServer.exe and choose "Run as administrator".
    This is necessary only for 1 time, because the Server makes record about restart/shutdown to System Events.
  • Try run command line (Win+R key, Win key has Windows Flag and it't located between LEFT CTRL and LEFT ALT.
    Type cmd and click on Enter/Run.
    You will see ussually black window, and you can write there.
    Type shutdown /? and click on Enter.
    If you can see a lot of lines of text, it's OK, otherwise i suppose you have some customized/broken installation of windows.

Differences between Android Remote control and Webmote Control

Main differnce is that Android app is native application for android, Webmote is only web application. Therefore some feautures are not possible with Webmote application.

Wake On Lan is not working

As far as I know, WakeOnLan is supported only for PCs connected by cable (not by WIFI).
This feature must be enabled in your BIOS. (You can enable it in Windows, but in my case it didn't help, just BIOS settings made it functional).
In your preferences on mob. phone must be defined MAC address of your network card.
You can check it on in Preferences -> Network -> Computer Browser, select item for your server and if you have defined MAC addresses it's OK.
MAC address(es) can miss only if you defined your server manually!

Not supported features on Webmote Control

  • Possibe feautures (maybe in future)
  • You can't define own commands, customize activities, but you can still define your own application
  • You can't define own IR devices layout. It's always autogenerated
  • Repeatable buttons (just hold to repeat click)
  • Check PC if it's online
  • Impossible features
  • Bluetooth
  • Anything with WakeOnLan feature
  • Save image desktop preview by lonk click on On/Off button
  • Keep screen on
  • Vibration on command sending
  • Changing volume by physical volume buttons
  • Simple PC selection, if you have more than 1
  • Scheduled task editor

I can't start server

  • Check if you have installed .NET 4
    Simple check = You can find in folder v4.0... C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework
  • Check if your server is not already running
    Open Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) open Process tab and try to find RemoteControlServer.exe, if you can see it server is already running.
  • If you see error Unable to bind network port 8637 and you are sure that server is not running.
    Some other application is blocking this port.
    • Open some simple text editor ie. Notepad (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad). Not MS Word or OpenOffice Word!
    • Open in the Notepad Configuration.xml (it's located in same directory as server)
    • Find the line where is <PortListen type="int">8637</PortListen>
    • Change 8637 to any other value bigger then 10000 and lower than 65535, i.e. 38637.
    • Try start again the server
    • You must set your new value in your mobile phone (Preferences -> Network -> IP Port).
      This is necessary only for WIFI connection.

How to make server automatically starting application after start

  • Find your StartUp folder (Start -> All Programs -> Startup).
    Click on the icon by the right mouse and choose Open.
    You will see a windows with content of your Start Up folder (maybe empty).
    Open a next window and locate your RemoteControlServer.exe file.
    Click and HOLD right button of your mouse on RemoteControlServer.exe and move it to first StartUp window. (It's same like copying, but you have to use right button).
    After releasing right button (inside StartUp window), you will see context menu and choose Create shorcuts here.
    Be sure, you have made shortcut, otherwise server will be looking configuration and application file at startup folder!

I can't see my apps in Application tab tree

  • If you have installed application and you can't see application in tree. It's because you didn't install application to default installation place. Solution is simple.
    • Find your application executable file (ie. you can see it in properties of icon for your app)
    • Open Application.xml file located in server's folder in some text editor (Notepad is good, Word is bad!)
    • Locate your application, for example VLC Player It's video player so it must start with
      <Video ApplicationName="VLC....
    • Next XML tag should be <Start>%PROGRAMFILES%\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe</Start>
      Change the inner value to your location. For example if you have VLC Player installed to your drive F: located in folder Utils (F:\Utils\VLCPlayer\...)
      Change the row to this <Start>F:\Utils\VLCPlayer\vlc.exe</Start>
    • Save the application.xml file
    • Restart server application
    • Check if you can see application in application tree
    • If you can't see application, server couldn't find the exe file => you typed wrong path.
    • You can simply test your path this way
      • Click WIN+R, Win is key between left CTRL and left ALT
      • You will see Run window
      • Put your path to exe file into the window and click OK
      • If your application is now started and Server application is still not visibile in application tree, send me an email, i'll help you

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