Android Remote Control HTML5

Control any of your applications from Android phone or any smartphone


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Name Description Default value
Allow IMEI Security Enables security based on mobile IMEI. If this option is checked, commands from mobile phone which is not defined in table is ignored! false
Port listen Network port where server listen. This value must be same as Port in client application! 8637
Restore stolen focus Application usually must own focus to control. This option restore focus if previous focus was different. This option can cause some application blinking! false
Allow kill process This option enable killing of process from process manager false
Bluetooth Enable bluetooth support false
WinLIRC support Enable WinLIRC support (control other home IR devices) false
WinLIRC IP IP Address where is WinLIRC running. Usually same as server.
WinLIRC Port Network port where is WinLIRC listening. 8765
Autostart webserver Starts web server for web client application.
By default has 15minutes limitation. If you want unlimited version of web client, please purchase a code.
Web PIN Simple security about using web client.
This value must be same as PIN in web client loaded on your smartphone.
You can set PIN in preferences (gear wheel)
Web port Configuration where should Webserver listen to provide web client 80
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