Android Remote Control HTML5

Control any of your applications from Android phone or any smartphone


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How to start on Phone

If you have any troubles, don't hesitate to contact me via email

PC Browser

  • Define your PC connection manually or use scan in option menu (Menu button).
    NameName of your PC
    Network addressIP Address of your PC for WIFI connection.
    MAC address of your PC for Bluetooth connection.
    MAC addressOptional MAC adddress for WakeOnLan support
  • After scan click on founded item. It will fill textinputs for values.
  • Click on Add in option menu.
  • Go to Application browser to check if def files was loaded successfuly.
    • Go back to main screen
    • Click on option button to show option menu
    • Select preferences
    • Select Network
    • Select PC's Application browser
    And you will see somethink like this...
    Expand list and select your default application (if there is more than 1) by context menu.
    You can do that in specialized activity.
    If you see empty list try to reload, if you have still empty list, you have some connection problem.
  • Now you are ready to control your PC.
Open volume control and try to use it.
Or you can try any of specialized screen from main screen and try it.
If you have more than 1 application for media type (Audio, Video,...). You have to select default application first in application browser (long click on application and select as default). Or you can select application to control by showing option menu in specialized screen and selecting "Select application" button.

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