Android Remote Control HTML5

Control any of your applications from Android phone or any smartphone


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Name Description Default value
Override locale Override locale of remote control to user defined Default (system)
Storage location Storage location for user defined files. (XML files for nice IR controls,...) /sdcard/remotecontrol
Keep screen on Don't turn off display false
SMS Show popup window on PC when new SMS message received.
Be sure your phone isn't turning off WIFI or Bluetooth during standby mode!
Vibrate on command send Every sent command will vibrate false
Vibration length Length of vibration (in milisecs) 6
Volume buttons change PC volume Device volume (physical) buttons change PC volume. false
Search button Mute PC volume Device search (physical) button mute PC volume. false


Name Description Default value
Computer browser Browser for where you can manage your PCs (Add, edit, removes items)
Computer Select computer to control
PC's Application browser Definition of applications which can be controlled. Reload to refresh if you add install new program into your PC.
No mobile data Don't send commands if you're not connected to WIFI or via Bluetooth connection true
Protocol Select your protocol
  • TCP - WIFI connection
  • TCP/UDP - WIFI connection
  • Bluetooth
Difference between using or not using UDP protocol is simple.
UDP is more simpliest, but there is no certainty about delivering command to your PC.
If you will have only TCP connection and your PC Server is not reachable your client application will be little "stucking".
I recommend use only TCP if you have:
bad WIFI connection, connection via mobile data or your PC have heavy network load (ie non limited bittorrent).
IP Port IP port to connect server. Value must be same as IP Port on your server, otherwise connection will not be established. 8637
Check PC Checking if your server is running by sending special command.
Indication is on header of activity by shadow color of your computer name.
How often How often send special command for checking your server.
0 - only on start specialized activity.
Values bigger then 0 will send repeatadly command. (in seconds)

Media Sources

This property allows define your favority places to your Video, Audio players or Image viewer. Just simple use file browser and add into it by long click or define manually. Values are presented by upper spinner in specialized activity.
Name Description
Media Type Choose media type (Audio to Audio player, Video to video player, ...)
Name Name of your favority location
URI Path to your favorite location. (Enclose your path into quotation marks)
"C:\My Photos" (local storage)
"" (web location)
"\\MyHomeNAS\Videos" (LAN location)

There is no support for define credentials, so your non local locations must be accessible by simple permissions or connect to your device from PC which can you allow to define credentials first.

Scheduled task editor

...some testing...
You can only define 1 scheduled task.
Turn On your PC by "Wake On Lan" if your phone connect to your home WIFI in defined time

Customize activities

Every specialized activity has 2 rows. 2nd row has buttons for TAB logic switching of main control(s). These property allows define which buttons are visible and define your own command buttons.
Name Description
Panel items Set visibility of tab buttons.
Editor Editor for your command buttons accessible by tab with icon of person

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