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How to add unsupported application

Firstly, it's better to know something about XML (info).
Your application must support controlling via Keyboard (ALT+P = Play,...).
If there is NO support for control via keyboard, it's IMPOSSIBLE to learn how to control application.

This example is guide how to make simple application file for VLC Player.

  1. Find how you can control your application by keyboard (ie. here).
  2. Open some your favorite text editor Notepad (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad) or PSPad.
    No Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Word !
  3. Put this into start of document:
  4. Now you have to choose your application type, you have 5 options
    • <Television ApplicationName="Your TV application name" ProcessName="ProcessName">
    • <Audio ApplicationName="Your Audio application name" ProcessName="ProcessName">
    • <Video ApplicationName="Your Video application name" ProcessName="ProcessName">
    • <Picture ApplicationName="Your Photo application name" ProcessName="ProcessName">
    • <MediaCenter ApplicationName="Your Media Center application name" ProcessName="ProcessName">
    VLC Player is Video kind application and process name is vlc
    Process name you can find in process manager (try CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and go to tab Processes), its usually same name like EXE file, vlc.exe => vlc.
    So next line in application file will be:
    Be sure that your ApplicationName parameter is unique in all XML files, otherwise next item overwrite the current one!.
  5. Now we can define all commands. For commands name see specialized activity, where you can find all defined commands.
    Open list of keyboard codes (Bold).
    For default letter or numeric keys, always use prefix VK_ => i.e. for press key S use code VK_S, or for press key 2 use code VK_2.

    Now you can write your commands and codes
    • <Start>%PROGRAMFILES%\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe</Start>
      Command Start is simple EXE file that is started. You can use here system variables.
      If you wanna upload your application file to web, plz always use default installation location with variables
    • <StartParam></StartParam>
      Start paramater is switch to start your exe file, usually leave this empty.
    • <Quit>VK_MENU, VK_F4</Quit>
      Keyboard shortcut to close your application, in this VK_MENU, VK_F4 = ALT+F4. Default Windows keyboard shortcut to close any active application.
    • <Play>VK_SPACE</Play>
      To PLAY/PAUSE is necessary to press SPACE.
    • <Pause>VK_SPACE</Pause>
      To PLAY/PAUSE is necessary to press SPACE.
    • <Stop>VK_S</Stop>
      To STOP video is necessary to press key S.
    • <Previous>VK_P</Previous>
      To move to PREVIOUS video is necessary to press key P.
    • <Next>VK_N</Next>
      To move to PREVIOUS video is necessary to press key N.
    • <VolumeUp>VK_CONTROL,VK_UP</VolumeUp>
      To move to PREVIOUS video is necessary to press key CTRL+ARROW-UP.
    • <VolumeDown>VK_CONTROL,VK_DOWN</VolumeDown>
      To move to PREVIOUS video is necessary to press key CTRL+ARROW-DOWN.
    Be sure about command names and key codes. If there will be some mistake, it won't work.
    You can define your own command here. To active your command in mobile phone you have to define button.
    So at the end we define custom command to switch video player into Full screen.
    • <MyFullScreenCommand>VK_F</MyFullScreenCommand>
      To switch full screen mode is necessary to press key F.
    So result text will be this.
  6. Finally, it's necessary to finish XML file.
    So enter this at the end of file:
  7. Save your new XML application file into the directory with SERVER.
  8. Restart server to reaload applications file.
    You can check your definition in server. Open server, go to Application tab and explore application tree on the left side.
  9. On your phone, open remote control application and go to:
    • Preferences
    • Network
    • PC's application browser
    • Click on reload button to refresh
  10. Now you can open on phone specialized activity.
    Select your application to control and if you didn't any error, you can control your application.

You can see this example in file or check any other in download section.

Some tips

If you need some key combination, just separate the keys by comma.
Code Key combination

If you need some special key (ie. KEY for [ )
You will find:
VK_OEM_4 (0xDB)
Used for miscellaneous characters; it can vary by keyboard.
Windows 2000/XP: For the US standard keyboard, the '[{' key

Use simple character like parameter for your command, something like this:
  • <MyCommand>[</MyCommand>
This works only for specialized characters!.

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